Being your own bank 🏦

You can be your own bank but you only have one account while derivation paths allow you to have multiple, this is what wallets these days communicate about bitcoin.

Why is it so difficult to give me access to another account from my single private key?


If we are building on-top of next evolution of financial infrastructure then we need to show the power and capability of all the technol#ogy we’ve been working on. As designers we have an opportunity to dig deep and solve UX issues that continue to be overlooked.

We need to stop designing wallets and start designing banks.

A bank that can fit in people’s pocket, helps them with information security, and one that a user has full control of their finances.

I want to be a sovereign individual operating at optimal in this digital economy — in control of my data and money.

We keep designing our selves into a hole in my opinion because we do not consider the full technical requirements and capabilities of bitcoin. It’s difficult enough as it is to store one private key.

There are some low hanging fruit that need to be picked. So instead of only looking outward, let’s look in and build experiences that are true to bitcoin.

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