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Nugent, Pam M.S.

Our Story

From concept and research to design and development Peak Shift Ltd. is a small studio focused on developing technology that distributes power and opportunity. Officially started in 2012, over the years we have worked on client projects globally with our remote team. From Asia to Europe, North America, the Caribbean and East Africa.

Our Accomplishments

  • Seen the world.
  • Brought a variety of people together.
  • Worked on platforms aiming to bring economical growth for "the average person" in developing counties.
  • Opened opportunities for others.
  • Optimised processes.

Our Values

  • Explore the world.
  • Learn.
  • Be resourceful. Find a way.
  • Unrelenting.
  • Inspire others.
  • Collaborate.
  • Continuous improvement.

Our Mission

  • Do and think innovation no matter where you're from.
  • Help ease access to tools that can bring economical growth to individuals.
  • Make and foster connections.
  • Be excellent.